Sunday, September 19, 2010


pooh and piggy also know how to live with true friendship..

For once, i can't believe how could she do that to me... she such a backstapper..OMG~i could have say nothing but only how if i the one who do this to you,isn't it HURT for u right?? and so am i... u said to other people something that it was TOTALLY WRONG,what do you want from me?? making more people to hate me?? i don't think so..this is nonsense!huuhu.... what a life~ what do u get from all this situation??now are u satisfied with it?? it just doesn't make any sense... I'M FULLY DISSAPOINTED AT YOU MY FRIEND...now my eyes had being widely see,now the REAL YOU are seen...for ur information,i've never trust other people words that say u are not kind as they thought...but now Allah HAD GIVEN PROVE to all people...honestly my fren,i'm very..very..sad for u...u didn't even know how to appreciate ur frens feelings and ur life too...now i don't trust u anymore...for once i forgive u..but now...u make rumors everywhere..how COULD YOU...huhh..i'm sick when think about it...and now,GOODBYE my bezfren...NO MORE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN US..


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