Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I don't like it when........................

Hello bloggers!
Warm afternoon isn't it? well it is hot actually. Very hot.....
What am I doing here? Aha,post another entry for this month of course.
Just stay on my bed and doing some blog walking here and there..

Some of my blog followers have a very COOL blog site ! You should know that. It is very creative, impressive and has the attraction for the blog lovers. 


when I search for the others blog..(not my followers)..
It is very annoying when I click their blog to view..and I saw these words:

"This blog is open to invited readers only"

okay, I understand if they think is their right for doing that....
or maybe some of them did not realize that their blog are private from public readers! How pathetic!

For those who like to private their blog, It's okay, but try to share with others too.
Maybe we can share some ideas by viewing your blog ! ^_^
okay CHILL ! 
bubye! :)


  1. beba.. salam.. nasib bek blog kau nie bole dibuka kan.. haha.. i always read ur blog..tapi baru tercoment ari nie.. hehehe.. :)

  2. wassalam kak ina,saya selalu p blogwalking ba tu, jadi bila x dapat view, x best pula kan..hihihi
    thanks sbb baca blog saya^^

  3. I pernah private blog..
    there is a reason why bloggers buat mcm tu..

    by the way... I follow ur beautiful blog..
    hit me back k.. :)

  4. thank u for the comment^_^

    sy dah follow balik..
    cantik koleksi gambar-gambar tu..

  5. welcome beba~~~ klu rajin2.. bca blog kakk juga.. wakkaa.. xla.. up to you.. have a nice day..

  6. hehe selalu saya baca blog kak Ina..
    have a nice day too ^^


thanks for the comment :)

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