Thursday, November 22, 2012

not again...

Recently, lots of things happened and it makes me worry about that 'thing'. Seriously... I do not mind if you can make your own decisions. After all this I will get use of it. In the future, if it is going to happen again, I could stand for it. At least, I know the story at the beginning and how should I respond to this kind of thing.. 

But actually, can you believe the outsider? I mean the third person in your life that could bring danger to your own family?? If I were you, I am sure that I will not simply trust the third person..and yes, definitely I have to listen to both side's situation and the reason to do that because you may know who is right and who is wrong.

It is very unfortunate that I know you are a "story maker" and you have the talent on that. I trust you not even 100% at the moment we talk, but now, even 1%, I could not trust you. That is why I want it to be clear after all the explanation from my trustworthy person.

Yet, I am not finish about it. I is my pleasure if you just stay where you are at the first place. That would be safer enough than you being an annoying person.

Incoming event, (incoming post)
#being a volunteer for dinner at Magellan Sutera Habour,tonight. ^_^


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