Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wish to go there soon!!!!

hello my bloggers! ^_^
it is very cold this morning because last night was rain at uitm sabah..
the fog which i saw from up here at hostel was very beautiful..it reminds me of Kg Patau, Tambunan which is really..really.. nice, peace and cold place to visit...it is my "kampung" and i am proud to be the resident of my own village...

okey..back to the main point...hehehe when i'm studying about island, i found it very interesting place and for me only one word describe the place "amazing" !! ^_^ 
who can build such that natural beauty...instead of developing the island so people may come and visit the place to leisure activities....

if you wish to visit the island..(am i promoting now??hihhihi..)
well,these are the island which you can go with anyone you like.....by reasonable price,i think it is affordable to anyone..."now everyone can travel" (sounds familiar right??hehe...."now everyone can fly")

lets see.........
Mabul Island....nice place right?? :)

Mamutik Island.....cute one...hehehe

Mantanani Island......i love the name...i like to say it more than one time..and again.."Mantanani Island" hehehee....

Manukan Island...likely heard about it....one of the famous island in Sabah....^_^

Pulau Tiga Island...hahaha you see? there are two words there which have the same meaning...
well,you could say Tiga Island...but probably i think of 3 types of island....
hehehe another beautiful island...

haaaaa....this one is Sipadan Island...very popular like Manukan Island also....

Sulug Island...i never heard it before ..(of course la,coz u didn't read the info ma...)
very pretty island...got coral there...and more and more!! hehehe

*i wish to go there with my future husband someday..some kind of honeymoon.. hahaha :P

ok,back to entry hehe ^_^", these are few more island in Sabah...
  1. Balambangan Island
  2. Banggi Island
  3. Jambongan Island
  4. Kapalai Island
  5. Lankayan Island
  6. Layang-layang Island
  7. Libaran Island
  8. Ligitan Island
  9. Malawali Island
  10. Sebatik Island
  11. Selingan Island
  12. Tabawan Island
  13. Timbun Mata Island
hahahaha....thats all for now !! tata ^__^
nice to see, nice to click,
once read, comment ya... (nda ngam2 nie..hahaha)


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