Friday, December 10, 2010

yeaahhh!! i'm back!!!

This is so excited! Finally...SPM is over....fuhh..love it when i don't have to get depress just because of I have to revise all the topics! hahahaa.... I feel so relaxing....nothing to do at home.. just blogging.... hehehe... good stuff come with the right stuff to do! ^_^ and of course i have lots of duties to be done at home... gonna be a great housewife!!(~_~"what the????)

have you ever think that i'm one of the thousands of candidates of SPM.. hehehe.. 2010 is a wonderful year for me! senior year! and the final year to end my secondary school!! but when all these nervous have gone, I started to feel what I'm suppose to do after spm? get to work? uuhh3...or learn to drive?? waaahhh... get license.. hehe... that would be nice...
hehehe...but whatever i do,i have to BE HAPPY!! hehe... i hope I can use my time wisely with some fun activities to do ! a very long holiday! HAPPY HOLIDAY to all my friends!! ENJOY your day! at least i've still have much time to spend with myself!! huahuahua!!!! okay! gotta go! tata!!

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