Wednesday, November 30, 2011

another rainy day~

hello bloggers^_^
glad that i have free time to post new entry in this lovely afternoon...
i would like to have a cup of tea right now...and also eating bread..(almost like breakfast...haha)
okay....another 3 classes end just a few hours ago....the CTU and BEL classes...
i'd done my presentation with my partner, Rina... i am unsatisfied with the projector..ooo very100x annoying~
more than 3 times it shut and really disturb our presenting time~ feel like...uuurrrghhhhh!!!!
okay but never mind~ "malang tidak berbau" everybody makes mistakes including the technical..! uh!
if that wasn't for our evaluation,then i can consider that as a coincidence~ but it's not!

fuhh~ but okay, i did learned to overcome my stage fright~ that is one way to get use of it...
new idioms for today !

  1. Cream of the crop : the very best
  2. All thumbs : clumsy in physical tasks
  3. Bite the bullet : to accept difficulty and face it
  4. Out of the blue : unexpected / surprisingly
  5. Eager beaver : hardworking and do extra work than everyone
  6. To bang your head against a brick wall : frustrated when other people didn't understand your words
  7. Action speak louder than words : do something instead of just talking
  8. Put out all the stops : make possible effort to do something

~orait ! that's all info sharing for today ^_^
see u on the next entry ! :) tata !

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