Tuesday, November 15, 2011

what else??

okay...i'm actually busy pack all my things to campus tomorrow but still have time do some blogging~haha
i'm waiting for my younger sister to come home..hehe can't wait coz i wanna eat cheesy wedges !! nyummy!!

those picture is really make me hungry...oh my...i'm starving now.....come home quick !!! heeee... 
okay...be patience... :P

when I look outside of my window~it is going to rain soon??
not sure by that...cause the weather seems to be just fine...like the sun smile at me ^_^ (perasan)

what will happen next? alright, I know it is really really really (banyak really -_-" ) hard to admit my feelings towards him..haha quiet funny isn't it? (ok..nda lucuu tau....-_-" ) take it easy...if u are my destiny...then I happily accept that point..hehe...but..... if it is not....then I'm still happy... hmmm.... 
(pura2 happy ka apa??ish3... -_-" )

even it is tough to go through it but I have to.
no matter hard it takes to be.
I must face the reality.
I'm motivating myself...cause who else willing to do that if it wasn't me?
so...CHILL ^^
wait for my next entry "THE NEW LIFE TO BE AS A CAMPUS UiTM's STUDENT"

got to go !! daa^^

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