Tuesday, March 20, 2012

future hotel... in top 10 !

10-Hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai (7 star hotel)
This hotel is one of the most expensive hotel in the world !

09-The Inflatable Space Hotel (will complete in 2015)
The room rate of this hotel is expect to reach $1 million per night !!

08- Hotel Pods (still in prediction)
The guest can request or design their own room walls !! 

07-Waterworld (in prediction)
It has bungee jumping activity!! Perfect for allocentric person.

06-The Voyager V1 (in prediction to locate in Abu Dhabi)
Whoah! Like ferris wheel !!

05-The Apeiron Hotel, Dubai (in prediction)
oh what should i say? it will be the second 7 star hotel after Hotel Burj Al Arab !!

04-The Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji (in prediction)
How i could imagine?? living underwater! wow! sounds like a dream to be a fish come true! hehe

03-The Lunatic Hotel (predict to be complete in 2050)
How lunatic! so anyone who dream to go to the moon,this is the right hotel for you...2050?that is going to take forever..hehe i'm too old for that..haha

02-Death Star Lunar Hotel Complex (Azerbaijani,Baku- in prediction)
"Hotel Full Moon"
such a big moon~wwooaaahh!

"Hotel Crescent Moon

01-Aeroscraft: The Flying Luxury Hotel of Tomorrow (in the future-don't know when)
This is not huge,this is Super Duper Mega Gigantic Flying Hotel ! Oh my.... o_O"

*In my point of view, I think this is not the only technology that will develop in the future but there will be more and more..and trust me,it is creative for all the genius designer and creator of their inventions-will-be, but I guess I will start to be afraid to see all that in the future...
really.... its scares me...to much building that will affect our natural environment...
I hope our earth residents will maintain the natural beauty even our world is getting modern in technology...


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