Sunday, May 20, 2012

waiting for semester 2..

Morning bloggers !
I'm still in holiday season..yippi ..!! relaxing is so much fun ! but only 21 more days to come for my new semester. What will happen to me next? Okay, my application for college (hostel) was accepted. That's relief, because not every student gets the offer. So, it was limited. Hard isn't it? Even my dorm will be in level 4, I still thankful for that. 4 person in a room,means double bed. I'm not sure if I can live in that surrounding. Hopefully everything's going to just fine. 

I'm very disappointed with the scholarship nowadays. It was hard to find it for my course. Why there is no scholarship for tourism course? hmm.... 
I think I'm going to do something with the problem. I hope it will solve soon. For now, I'll be ready for my next stage in UiTM. Wish me luck ! ^_^

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