Friday, October 21, 2011

okay~when i'm married i want to....

  1. create a new blog for me and my beloved husband
  2. having a sweet time with my husband
  3. create a big family (hehe such a big hope i guess)
  4. being close to my family and his family (LIKE3!)
  5. be a great wife to him
  6. be a great 'mama' ^_^
  7. want him to be 'papa' to our children
  8. want to stay with my husband until the end of our life
  • i still don't know with whom i'll be marry to...
  • cause now i'll will focus to my study and also will achieve my dreams as a success woman..
  • but i hope my husband-to-be is a nice guy and really cares for me so much!!

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